THE NIGHT BEFORE TOMORROW / MELBOURNE / 2006-now Rose currently manages and performs in rock band The Night Before Tomorrow which includes two musicians who used to attend Milparinka Disability Service. The band has performed numerous gigs in Melbourne including at Federation Square's 'Light in Winter Festival', at the Village Festival (three times) and in 2013 received a grant from Yarra City Council to write a new album.  More info at:  

WILD@heART / MELBOURNE /2012  Rose worked as a Program Manager at  Wild@heART Community Arts running an arts respite program for people with a disability and working with an all-girl band The Wild Divas.

WORK AT DISABILITY SERVICES / MELBOURNE / 2003-2008 Rose has worked at Gawith Villa and Milparinka in Melbourne doing music with adults with intellectual disabilities.  She has worked with groups as well as with individuals conducting a range of musical activities including songwriting, singing, guitar lessons, percussion and various recording projects.

AWAKENINGS DISABILITY FESTIVAL / HORSHAM, VIC / 2009 Rose spent two days in a local radio station studio to record festival's participants thoughts and ideas about music.  People got to sing their hearts out and discuss why they were so passionate about their favourite bands. The end result was a five minute audio piece entitled "Wake up to the Music" which was played on the local radio station during the festival.  LISTEN BELOW

RADIO ELECTRIC RECORDING PROJECT / MELBOURNE / 2009  This was a month long recording project at Milparinka, an adult training unit for people with intellectual disabilities.  Rose worked with individuals to create twelve sound pieces including a radio play, spoken word, songs, experimental soundscapes. The participants enjoyed having quality one-on-one time with Rose, learning new skills with room for experimentation and were chuffed to hear their own work on the radio. The pieces were played on ABC Radio National, RRR and 3CR.  LISTEN TO ONE OF THE TRACKS BELOW