LOCATION: Hobart, Tasmania

WITH SUPPORT FROM: Hobart City Council & Australia Council Community Partnerships

PARTICIPANTS: The Choir of High Hopes Hobart / Hobart Ukulele Group / Mature Artists Dance Experience (MADE)

mUSe was a chance for a unique collaboration between three of Hobart's community music/dance groups. The Choir of High Hopes Hobart is based on Johnathon Welsh's Choir of Hard Knox in Melbourne. Rose worked with choir members  to compose their own songs, some solos and other in groups. The Hobart Ukulele Group learnt the songs and practised arrangements for them.  Meanwhile, members of MADE worked out choreography to go with the music.

A cast of nearly fifty people performed all their original music in a theatrical context.  Dressed in black jackets and striking red feather boas, the performers sung all their songs in small groups or with the whole ensemble. Three performances at Rosny Barn.