IN 2015, nine Rebel Elders (aged 72-94 years old) played a favourite song each to a group of young musicians (aged 13-31).  Connections were made between the two generations and brand new songs were written and recorded inspired by each elder and their favourite song. An album was recorded and then the next stage could begin! Elders collaborated with their young musician (and a few extra young people interested in video making) to plan, shoot and star in a video to accompany the song. 

COLLABORATING ARTIST:  Video Maker: Andrew Ferguson <

FINAL OUTCOME: (2015)  A recorded CD of the songs recorded by Graeme Hodge at Redwood Recording Studio. / (2016) A 'gala film event' at the Mechanics Institute where 150 people gathered to watch the new collection of videos. 

WITH SUPPORT FROM: City of Ballarat Youth Services <Kate Moran, Youth Engagement Officer>. Rebel Elders was  part of the UMM project <Unique Message Makers>.