LOCATION: Melbourne

IN COLLABORATION WITH: Martin del Amo (director/choreographer) & Bec Reid (City of Melbourne)

WITH SUPPORT FROM: City of Melbourne's Art Participation Program 

PARTICIPANTS: Ten local elderly folks / A group of young musicians from Living Music studio in North Melbourne

WHAT: Renegades aimed to break down existing stereotypes of elderly citizens by presenting their stories in a creative, positive and inspiring light.  The show was full of surprises, jam-packed stories that showed the strength, confidence and humour of the elders. Stories of holocaust survival, being chased by police, hiding from tigers, and of course, love and divorce!

STAGE 1: Rose interviewed the elders about times in their life when their heart was beating fast. / STAGE 2: young musicians listened to the recorded stories and wrote music for them (there was quite a bit of hiphop!) / STAGE 3: the elders worked with Martin del Amo to make a movement based theatre show using the stories and music as the recorded soundtrack.

OUTCOME: Three performances at nightclub the HiFi Bar as part of Victorian Seniors Week.

FUTURE: A year after the show, the Renegades recently had an anniversary where participants expressed interest in doing another project. We'll be meeting in February to start ideas rolling. To be continued... 

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