Rose Turtle Ertler is an instigator of art.
Her participatory work brings people together for meaningful, empowering and enjoyable experiences. Her projects often challenge misinformed stereotypes and aim to amplify voices that can get lost in this chaotic world.
Current projects include Mapatazi (women’s electric guitar onslaught); “Dear Tree” and Dear River" (listening experiences featuring people speaking dearly to trees and rivers); Complimentary Caravan (an ongoing collection of compliments). And previously: Light At The End… (performed in tunnels by refugees); Rebel Elders (intergenerational performance exploring rebellion in elderly people’s lives).

Rose is a musician, regularly performing her original wonky-folk/precarious-pop-songs solo on various instruments - lately its mostly piano and baritone uke through effects pedals.

She has toured extensively including overseas. She has also collaborated with many musicians over the years and been in bands including pop/punk band The Night Before Tomorrow (Melbourne 2009-19) evolving from her work at a disability service.

Rose has been playing ukulele for twenty five years and has helped to promote it in Australia through performing, teaching and organizing of ukulele events. She specialises in ‘fancy’ strumming and often teaches beginners and advanced workshops on her travels. Rose is a ukulele player in the Black Orchid Stringband with members of the West Papuan community based in Australia.

Rose is a supporter of freedom and independence for our closest neighbours in West Papua.  More info about the Melbourne West Papuan community HERE and the Black Orchid Stringband HERE  Listen to The Voice of West Papua on 3CR Radio every Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm. Livestream HERE