Rose Turtle Ertler

Rose Turtle Ertler has been a musician all her life, growing up in Tasmania with regular sing-songs around the family piano.  She lived in Sydney for fifteen years from the age of 18 where she made lots of strange pop music, performance art and theatre with a bunch of amazing people.  After numerous trips to Europe touring and playing music for theatre shows, Rose relocated south of the border to Melbourne where she started to instigate more community oriented music/performance projects.  This community work often brings unlikely groups together and in the last few years she has been focusing on working with our wise elder community members, sometimes in collaboration with young musicians.  Rose regularly performs her original 'wonky folk' music on banjo, ukulele and piano, often solo or with guest musicians. She also has a pop/punk band called The Night Before Tomorrow which has evolved out of her work at Milparinka Disability Service in Melbourne.  Rose is currently based in Central Victoria.

Rose is a supporter of freedom and independence for our northern neighbours in West Papua. More info about Melbourne West Papuans HERE and video of the Black Orchid Stringband HERE. Listen to THE VOICE OF WEST PAPUA on 3CR Radio every Monday 6:30-7pm HERE

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