Light At The End...

Light At The End… presents a genuine insight into humanity through a mesmerising and celebratory performance.

In a dark, dank and raw theatre space, stories of ‘light’ and ‘strength’ are revealed as performers are dramatically

silhouetted against the natural light at the end of a tunnel.  Joined by one refugee advocate, five local performers who have made Australia their new home, lead the audience in an intimate experience through a secret tunnel towards the light. 

Light At The End… is designed to be replicated in different towns, each time with a different cast of local people.

It was first performed in collaboration with Ballarat Rural Australians for Refugees,

commissioned by the 24 Hour Experience - Ballarat.

Light At The End… highlights the different cultures living together in Australia in a celebration of humanity.  Everyone can relate to these stories.  Everyone has experienced 'moments of light' in their darkness - hope, relief, joy, excitement.

These are everybody's stories.

BALLARAT: 2015 (24 Hour Experience) & 2016 (Cultural Diversity Week)

CASTLEMAINE: 2017 (Castlemaine State Festival) 

More dates coming soon...

<<Highlight video of Castlemaine above - Video by Leonie Van Eyk>>



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