Thank you for bringing our community together, sharing stories and aiming our understanding to exist in harmony in the future. Everyone should listen to Dear River. (a Lismore listener)

"Dear River” is a listening experience that invites people to contemplate their relationship to a local river. It offers a profound and meditative experience that acknowledges the importance of nature within our lives and provides space for quiet reflection amidst the noise of contemporary life.  Dear River is a variation of Rose's project Dear Tree
The first version of "Dear River" was created in Lismore after an invitation from audio artist/media & journalism lecturer Jeanti St Clair.  Just over a year after the huge floods of 2022, Rose spent a week in Lismore recording local people speaking to their river.  These words of love, respect and reflection were intertwined with field recordings of the river by Jeanti St Clair. A listening event was presented in Lismore at the Living Lab Northern Rivers where people absorbed the soundtrack through headphones - up close and intimate.
You can hear the soundtrack below. Click on the orange play button.
This Lismore project was supported by We Al-li (Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Healing) & Creative First Aid Alliance.
Produced by Jeanti St Clair and Rose. 
LISTEN HERE TO "DEAR RIVER" recorded with the local Lismore community
Ideally listened to in headphones while sitting on a river's edge.
TRIGGER WARNING: This listening experience features stories about the 2022 Northern Rivers floods.