(updated May 2019)


1969 / Born in Devonport, Tasmania. 

1988-2002 / Lived in Sydney - went to art school, played in bands, made strange performance art/theatre / Lots trips to Europe to make more music/strange theatre

2003-2013  / Lived in Melbourne - played lots music, did lots touring, realised was never going to be a pop star! / Started doing more community focused work

2014 / Moved to Central Victoria

2019 / Moved back to Tasmania


2019 / Projection work "Complimentary Lane" for Geelong After Dark

2018 / Projection work "Complimentary Lane" for Enlighten Projection Festival, Bendigo & White Night Bendigo

2018 / "Light At The End..." performance with local refugees - Zinda Festival, Bendigo. In collaboration with Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services.  

2018 / "Complimentary Caravan" - various events including 'Waterhole - Newstead / World Compliment Day event - Castlemaine / "Complimentary Courtyard" Port Street Party - Adelaide Fringe Festival

2017 / "Rebel Elders" video projection for White Night Melbourne & Ballarat with video maker Andy Ferguson

2017 / "Light At The End..." performance with local refugees for Castlemaine State Festival in a tunnel in Chewton

2017 / "Complimentary Caravan" - various events including Dream Big Festival - Melton / "Complimentary Lane" - Adelaide / Artist residency at Museum of Innocence Mildura

2016 / First stage of an intergenerational project in Marnoo (stories from local elderfolk and sound effects/music from the local primary school students)

2016 / "Complimentary Caravan" at various events including Mental Health Week in Bendigo, Castlemaine & Clunes.

2015-16 / "Rebel Elders" intergenerational music/video project in Ballarat (second year) with video maker Andrew Ferguson

2015-16 / "Light At The End..." performance with local refugees as part of 24 Hour Experience. In collaboration with Ballarat Rural Australians for Refugees.

2015 / "Heartbeat/Maldon" interiewing local elder folk about times in their life when their heart was beating fast.

2014 / "Rebel Elders" intergenerational project with the City of Ballarat and choreographer Michelle Heaven.

2014 / "Tell It With Sugar" intergenerational project in Euroa with Strathbogie Shire Council and Euroa Secondary School.

2014 / "Memory Crowd" elders music listening/oral history project at Maldon Neighbourhood Centre with gramophone collector - DJ Wind-Up

2014 / Sound designer for "Musuem of Truth & Lies" - Art Central, Maryborough

2013 / "Renegades" - an inter-generational community arts project with City of Melbourne's Art & Participation Program. 

2012 / Employed part-time at Wild@heART Community Arts as as Project Managerco-ordinating an arts respite program for adults with a disability. (Melbourne)

2012 / A selected artist to be part of Home Art - working with a local North Melbourne household to help residents devise a short performance in their own home.  Tipping Point and City of Melbourne's Art & Participation Program.

2011 / "Extremely" intergenerational project in Natimuk with visual artist Mars Drum, nursing home residents and primary school students. Natimuk Frinj Festival. 

2010 / "mUSe" music/theatre performance with three Hobart groups : MADE (a group of mature artists dancers), Hobart Ukulele Group & the Choir of High Hopes Hobart.

2009 / “Radio Electric” recording project with participants from Milparinka Disability Service.  Spoken word/sound pieces played on ABC Radio National, RRR & 3CR.

2006-NOW / Manager and musician with punk/pop band "The Night Before Tomorrow" which evolved from her work at Milparinka Disability Service.  TNBT performs regularly in Melbourne often in unconventional venues.

2009 / “Wake Up to the Music” recording project for Awakenings Disability Festival in Horsham.  Rose recorded participants talking about their favourite music which she then edited and was played on the radio during the festival.

2006-2008 / Volunteer at ACES Aboriginal nursing home conducting regular singalongs.

2003-2008 / Employed at Gawith Villa and Milparinka Disability Services facilitating music sessions with a focus on teaching songwriting skills.

2007 / Musical Director for the Kingfisher Festival (Melb) at CERES involving primary school kids and local musicians.

2004-2006 / Producer of "Ukulele Land" - a series of three ukulele events in Sydney involving workshops, stalls and concerts of up to forty ukulele acts


2018 / Sound designer for Once Upon A Tree..  a sound walk in Bendigo's Rosalind Park (Emerge Program - Multicultural Arts Victoria)

2018 / Live musician for Once and For All - performance by Such As They Are - performed at Bendigo Cemetary

2018 / This House, My Body - installation by Rachael Wenona Guy and Leonie can Eyck (Newstead  Railway Arts Hub, Central Victoria)

2017 / Each Map of Scars Rachael Wenona Guy & Andy Jackson - Castlemaine State Festival

2012 / Sydney Theatre Company/Tamarama Rock Surfers (Sydney) 'Fools Island' - one man clown show by Darren Gilshenan

2012 / KnitPic (Knit Plastic in Crises) (Sydney) Spinning a Yarn by Simone O'Brien and Dr Bill

2011 / Tamarama Rock Surfers (Sydney) 'Fools Island' - one man clown show by Darren Gilshenan

2010 / Merrigong Theatre (Wollongong) 'Death in Bowengabbie'

2008 / Australian Theatre of the Deaf (Sydney)'Wild Boy' performed at NIDA

2007 / Sisters Grimm (Melbourne) 'Bumtown' (dir. Ash Flanders & Declan Greene)

2006 / Frumpus (Sydney) 'Slab' Creative development (funded by the NSW Ministry for the Arts)

2000 / Branch Nebula (Belgian/Australian collaboration) 'Mad Red' Antwerp, Belgium

1999-2002 / Urban Theatre Projects (Sydney) four shows including 'The Longest Night' for Adelaide Festival.

1999 / Erth Theatre/PACT Theatre (Sydney) 'Alien/Nation'

1998-9 / Salamanca Theatre (Hobart) two productions

And in Europe: 2000 / Stalker (Sydney) European tour

1996 / Antagon Aktion Theater (Frankfurt, Germany)

SOLO MUSIC ACT: (ukulele, banjo, piano, tenor horn, vocals) since 2000

Rose is a self managed artist and does all her own booking and marketing.

Numerous tours including Australian with a focus on regional areas and Europe (2002, 2005), United States (2008) and New Zealand (2009, 2012).


2015- current / ukulele player and singer with West Papuan Melbourne based band the "Black Orchid Stringband"

2006- current / "The Night Before Tomorrow" - punky/pop band with evolved out or Rose's work at Milparinka Disability Service

2015- current / "Piano Fort" - concerts with a number of solo pianists (Melbourne, Ballarat, Castlemaine)

2012 / "Mrs Hemingway" - with Helen Begley and Carolyn Connors (with an audience of knitters)

2011-2013 / "Salty Serge" with Jules Chapple and Mung Balding

Rose was a founding member of Sydney music/performance groups:

1991-1996 / "Post Arrivalists" - notorious 'guerilla style'  spectacle performance group. Shows included the Sydney Biennale (1993) and Melbourne International Arts Festival (1995), seasons at Les Girls, The Hordern Pavilion and the Performance Space.

1994-96 / "Frumpus" - womens performance/comedy group

1993-1996 / "Spookyloop" - performance pop band (European tour 1996)

1995-2001 / "Toydeath" - 'performance band' - music with modified electronic kids toys (European tour 2000)


Rose is currently working with comic artist Mandy Ord on a series of songs with accompanying illustrations.
These were performed in an intimate cinema setting in a living room at Natimuk Frinj Festival 2013 as well 
as at the Bendigo Write on Fringe Festival and Melbourne Writers Festival in 2014.  Children's book coming soon.


2011 / Employed by The Song Room to write and present an online ukulele course (in the form of video lessons) for regional Victorian school students.

2007-now / Numerous ukulele/songwriting workshops at festivals and regional ukulele clubs on her travels including an eight week ukulele course for senior citizens in Hobart.


2018 / The Night Before Tomorrow 7" cardboard!/download

2017 / The Pon

2017 / The Night Before Tomorrow 7" vinyl

2017 / Black Orchid Stringband : CD released

2015 / Solo EP : "Bird"

2013 / The Night Before Tomorrow album : "Beautiful Monday"

2012 / "What Do Ukulele Players Eat? #2" book/CD - a collection of recipes/songs from 25 international uke players.

2011 / Solo EP : "5 Songs for a Mild Mannered Summer"

2010 / "What Do Ukulele Players Eat?" cook book - a collection of recipes rom 25 international uke players.

2009 / Solo CD :  "All For One From Now Til Dawn"

2006 / Solo CD : '"Ladybirds of Crick Creek"

2005 / Solo CD : "Tryhard Trailer Trash" (CD of the Week on RRR)

2002 / Solo CD : "Ping Pong Princess"

1990s / various releases with bands Spookyloop and Toydeath including a 'Locked Groove' 12" vinyl released by Staalplaat Records (Amsterdam)


2014 / 3rd place in CLIFF Castlemaine Film Festival competition with short film "Bird"

2011-2012 / Exhibition of mixed media paintings at Little Deer Tracks café in Coburg

2007-2012 / Regular illustrator for 'Users News' drug education magazine published by NUAA (Sydney)


2018 / Light At The End... shortlisted for an Oral History Victoria's award  

2017 / Regional Arts Victoria grant for developing a new work Insultations for the Natimuk Frinj Biennale

2017 / Mt Alexander Shire Council for World Compliment Day Project in March 2018

2016 / FRRR (Caring for Ageing Rural Australians) for an intergenerational Complimentary Caravan in partnership

     with the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre

2016 / The Awesome Foundation Melbourne grant for the Complimentary Caravan

2016 / Creative Victoria for Light At The End... (Castlemaine)

2016 / Mt Alexander Shire Council for Light At The End... (Castlemaine)

2016 / Regional Arts Victoria (Quick Response) for Light At The End... (Ballarat)

2015 / Oral History Victoria 'Innovation Award' for Rebel Elders project in Ballarat

2014 / Mt Alexander Shire Council Community Grant (via The Fringe Thing): elders story/book project in Maldon "Heartbeat/Maldon"

2014 / Regional Arts Victoria (via Maldon Neighbourhood Centre): elders story/music project "The Memory Crowd"

2013 / City of Yarra Community Grant : to write a collection of new songs with The Night Before Tomorrow.

2011 / Australia Council for the Arts, Community Partnerships : intergenerational

project "Extremely" in Natimuk.

2010  / Federal Government DEWHA, Contemporary Music Touring Grant : "In Her Winter Kitchen" national solo tour.

2009 / Australia Council for the Arts, Community Partnerships : “mUSe” in Hobart with the Hobart Ukulele Group, Choir of High Hopes & MADE

2008 / Arts Victoria, Victoria Rocks : to record a solo CD “All for one from now til Dawn”

2008 / Federal Government DEWHA, Contemporary Music Touring Grant : regional Victorian solo tour “Sticks & Twigs”

2008 / Arts Victoria – Community Partnerships : “Radio Electric Recording Project” at Milparinka Disability Service, Melbourne

2007 / Federal Government DCITA, Contemporary Music Touring Grant : East coast tour from Wollongong to Cairns

2000 / NSW Ministry for the Arts, Theatre Board : travel costs to Belgium to perform in Branch Nebula’s “Mad Red”

EDUCATION:  1991 / Bachelor of Fine Arts (major in Sound/Performance/Installation) College of Fine Arts, University of NSW