Community Arts


A large part of Rose's work includes facilitating and working on community arts projects.  Rose is interested in bringing out the extraordinary aspects of apparently ordinary people.  She loves the idea that people's bodies are full of stories - the older the body, the more stories are stored.

Rose is currently involved in initiating and facilitating a range of projects with various groups including older and young folk and refugees/people seeking asylum.  All this work aims at challenging misinformed stereotypes of these groups living in the community. 

Rose regularly collaborates with other professional artists to ensure a high quality outcome. These have included choreographers Martin del Amo and Michelle Heaven, visual artist Mars Drum and video artists Denis Beaubois and Andrew Ferguson.


REBEL ELDERS  <BALLARAT 2014/15> Creative collaborations between ten locals (72 to 94 years old) and some fine young musicians & video makers. MORE INFO... 

LIGHT AT THE END... <BALLARAT 2015. Planning for MELBOURNE & CASTLEMAINE> In a dark tunnel, five locals (who happen to be refugees/asylum seekers) and an 87 year old refugee advocate introduce themselves through recollections of 'moments of light'  in their lives.  Luckily, there IS light at the end of the tunnel. MORE INFO...

HEARTBEAT MALDON <MALDON 2015> A small booklet and audio CD of anecdotes from nine local Maldon elderfolk - memories about times in their lives when their heart was beating fast.  Entertaining tales of Stealing lipstick! - Uncovering Aboriginal remains! - Ghosts! - Fast cars! - Japan surrenders! Just the normal goings on in these fine folks' lives. MORE INFO...  

                                                 PAST PROJECTS

  THE MEMORY CROWD <MALDON 2014> Elders Story/Music Audio Project


 mUSe <HOBART 2009>                       Choir/Ukulele Group/Dance Collaboration

  TELL IT WITH SUGAR <EUROA 2014> Intergenerational Story/Music Project

RENEGADES <MELBOURNE 2013> Intergenerational Performance Project

 EXTREMELY <NATIMUK 2011>   Intergenerational Performance/Visual Art Project

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